Rep. Nick Sauer isn’t the only Republican dealing with a raunchy sex scandal at the moment

It’s been a real crappy week for GOP lawmaker Rep. Nick Sauer of Illinois.

On Wednesday, Politico published a bombshell report accusing the 29-year-old Republican of using his ex-girlfriend’s nude photos to create a fake Instagram account in order to “catfish” other guys into having “graphic conversations of a sexual nature”.

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Then yesterday, a man claiming to be Sauer’s former college roommate came forward with more accusations, saying he knows “dozens of people” who have allegedly been violated by Sauer, who he labels a “predator of the highest order”:

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As a result of the scandal, Sauer immediately resigned from office; however, in his resignation letter, he didn’t admit to any wrongdoing. Instead, he said he was stepping down “as a result of the allegations” that he believes will a “distraction” from his job.

“After speaking with my family, I feel it best to step away from my public responsibilities,” the letter stated.

But he’s hardly the first conservative politician to become ensnared in a salacious sex scandal lately.

Scroll down for other Republican officials who have found themselves at the center of their own scandals of a sexual nature in recent months…

Dominic “Nick” Provenzano

Dominic “Nick” Provenzano is, er, was deputy district director for “family values” Republican Rep. Randy Hultgren of Illinois. That is, until March of this year when news broke that he was caught half-naked with a teen boy inside an SUV with its lights off parked on a dead-end street. Provenzano, who used to work at a Christian retreat center, told police that the interaction was “consensual in nature” and that he believed the boy, who he’d met on Grindr, was 18. The 56-year-old was swiftly fired from Rep. Hultgren’s office. After all, the antigay politician couldn’t possibly have a known homosexual working under his employ.

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Eric Greitens

In February, Missouri’s conservative “family values” governor was charged with first-degree felony invasion of privacy after his former hair-dresser-turned-mistress accused him of tying her to a chair in a basement and taking her picture then trying to blackmail her to keep quiet about their affair. At first, 44-year-old Greitens denied everything. Then in May, he announced he was stepping down at governor, citing “millions of dollars of mounting legal bills” and “endless personal attacks”, thus drawing a close to his once-promising political career, although we wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to mount a comeback in the future.

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Wes Goodman

The self-described “Christian. American. Conservative. Republican” and “family values” State Representative from Ohio resigned from office after being busted for “inappropriate behavior” with a man in his office last November. But it turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg. Soon after that, screenshots of the sext messages Goodman had sent to several other men leaked online, as well as internal emails about his involvement with an underage boy at an antigay fundraiser. Then not one but two different guys came forward to say they’d hooked up with Goodman after meeting him on Craigslist in 2008 and 2010.

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Joe Barton

The internet was blessed with an explicit photo of antigay Texas congressman last November, along with a 53-second video and screenshot of a sext he wrote that said, “I want u soo bad. Right now. Deep and hard.” The photo, video, and sext were sent by Barton to his former mistress, who leaked the footage after the 68-year-old lawmaker threatened to have the police “launch an investigation” into her after their bitter breakup. Afterwards, Barton refused to resign and instead insisted he was a victim of revenge porn.

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Paul Pressler

The former Texas state judge and lawmaker was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy. Pressler allegedly met Duane Rollins at his church several decades ago. The suit, filed back in December, claims the abuse began in the late ’70s and did not stop until Rollins left for college in 1983. Of course, Pressler, who made a name for himself by spouting Christian “family values” and opposing liberals and moderates at any and every opportunity over the years, has denied the allegations. The case is ongoing.

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Jon Stanard

In February, the super conservative member of the Utah House of Representatives was accused of paying adult film star Brie Taylor $250 for sex on two separate occasions. Not just that, but there were text messages to prove it. After the story broke, Stanard, who identifies as “a strong advocate for conservative family values. I am Pro Life, as well as for Traditional Marriage”, quickly resigned from office citing “immediate personal and family concerns.” He’s been in hiding ever since.

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