Benefits of house hunting during the holidays

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Many sellers are more motivated during the holidays.

The holiday season is generally a slower time for the housing market. This presents a window of opportunity for savvy home shoppers. While braving the winter weather to attend an open house may not be your idea of a good time, this year presents a unique opportunity for holiday house hunters. Because of the current pandemic, the majority of sellers are hosting virtual open houses. While most would-be home buyers are busy trimming trees and decking the halls, you can grab a cup of hot cocoa and experience all the benefits of house hunting during the holidays from your living room.

Many Sellers Are More Motivated During the Holidays. The majority of homes found on the market during the holiday season have been listed since spring and summer. Most people don’t list their houses during this time of year, and if they do it is typically due to a time-sensitive event. What does that mean for you? Most sellers are ready to get properties off their hands and are more willing to negotiate lower purchase prices.

Competition. The market is less competitive during the holiday season, giving active home shoppers a better chance to land the house they want at the right price. Because there are fewer shoppers during this season, you are less likely to be involved in a bidding war. While this year you’ll notice that the market is still pretty active into the winter months, with the rise in COVID-19 throughout the country, competition isn’t as fierce as it’s been throughout the spring and fall. Many shoppers are waiting until the new year to move, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of sellers that want to move quickly.

The Holiday Spirit. Many people are more generous during the holiday season and are generally in better spirits. This can work in your favor by choosing to buy during the winter months. Not only will you possibly find an amazing home at a price you can afford, but you might also negotiate some extras like appliances or furniture; maybe even some of your closing costs depending on how long the home has been on the market and how motivated the seller is. If you work with Glass House, you’ll earn up a cash back rebate at the end of your purchase. At closing, our buyers receive up to 1.5% cash back of the cost of their home.

Shopping for a home during the holiday season presents incredible opportunities. This is an especially great time if you are on a strict budget and timeline. Chances are you will get much more for your money throughout this traditionally slow time of the year. It’s cold out there, so grab yourself a cup of cocoa, get cozy on the couch, and peruse the available properties from the comfort of your home.

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Published at Sun, 06 Dec 2020 19:02:42 +0000

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