Courtney Act won’t represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Courtney Act has lost the chance to represent Australia at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, angering fans of the drag queen.

The former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, whose real name is Shane Jenek, was beaten on Saturday (February 9) by Kate Miller-Heidke and her song “Zero Gravity.”

Act impressed viewers on Friday (February 8) with her upbeat performance of “Fight For Love” on Eurovision–Australia Decides, but it wasn’t enough to win over the expert jury and voting public.

Watch Kate Miller-Heidke, who beat Courtney Act to represent Australia at Eurovision:

Instead, Miller-Heidke was chosen to perform in Tel Aviv, Israel ahead of Act and eight other competitors trying to win the first-ever Australian televised national selection.

Australia has been allowed to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest since 2015, and there is a huge fanbase for the competition in the country.

Fans are upset that Courtney Act wasn’t chosen to go to Eurovision

Supporters of the 2018 Celebrity Big Brother winner have been vocal in their disappointment about Act missing out on representing Australia at the annual competition.

One fan tweeted: “wow I’m fuming about Courtney not winning for aus Eurovision.”

This sentiment was popular, as people expressed their anger at the decision with comments like “Courtney was robbed,” “No Courtney Act?!” and “can’t f**king believe @courtneyact won’t be performing at Eurovision. Blasphemy.”

“Courtney Act was amazing and should have won. I’m not bitter, KMH was great, but Courtney slayed”

— @GleefullyWicked

Others focused on the positive aspects of Act‘s performance, with one user writing: “@courtneyact was by far the most standout as a Eurovision stage song.

“The song has a catchy melody upbeat tempo and the stage show was attention grabbing while courtney brings some diversity to the Australian representation.”

A different person said: “@courtneyact was amazing and should have won. I’m not bitter, KMH was great, but Courtney slayed and it’s high time Australia figured out what the rest of the world already knows about her 💕.”

One fan tweeted: “@courtneyact I am sorry! I would have love love loved to see you in Eurovision.”

Kate Miller-Heidke performs during Eurovision - Australia Decides at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on February 09, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia
Kate Miller-Heidke will go to Eurovision instead of Courtney Act (Chris Hyde/Getty)

There was still hope for some supporters of the drag queen, like one who commented: “Sis may not won this year but I’m sure Miss Courtney Act will and needs to make a big comeback next year in #AusDecides.

“We need to have @courtneyact on #Eurovision someday. Universe please make this happen. ✨”

Last month, it was revealed that Act is set to appear on Australia’s Dancing with the Stars with a male partner.

Act was the final contestant to be announced in the 11-strong line-up for the celebrity-studded dance competition.

The drag queen revealed the news on Twitter and jokingly referred to her costume mishap while entering Celebrity Big Brother in January 2018, which she went on to win.

Published at Sat, 09 Feb 2019 13:21:51 +0000