Kylie – The Golden Tour Kicks Off in Sydney

Kylies Golden Tour 2019


Amazing show last night, 10 out of 10!

Geplaatst door Craig Dalbert op Dinsdag 5 maart 2019

After her mardi gras appearance the ‘gay icon‘ and ‘Princess of popKylie was back on home turf in Sydney with a sold out night.

She didn’t mess around straight in with ‘Get Outta My Way‘, ‘In Your Eyes‘ and a blasting ‘Better The Devil You know‘.

Three songs in and the crowd were going wild, the tempo slowed with songs from ‘Golden’ with a troupe of cowboy dancers. She certainly knows what her fans want and being Sydney even the confetti bombs were in rainbow colours. More hits, more glitter bombs, disco balls and lasers. A reconstructed ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ guitar heavy went straight into ‘Slow’ with a homage to the Human League and ‘Being Boiled’. Brilliant choice, it worked really well. 20 songs in and the stage was New York and Studio 54, pure disco.

She had to wait quite a while just for the crowd to calm down before she could be heard.

Glittertastic Kylie Concert in Sydney

The encore was ‘Dancing’ and wrapped up a perfect night of pop with a performer at the top her game.

Geplaatst door Wirld op Dinsdag 5 maart 2019