PinkNews Awards 2019: Nominees revealed for the Broadcast Award

The nominations for the Broadcast category at the PinkNews Awards 2019 have been revealed, including more than one dating show and three different takes on the Birmingham protests against LGBT-inclusive education.

Last year’s Broadcast award was given to the Homo Sapiens podcast by Will Young and Chris Sweeney and the Reasons To be Cheerful podcast by Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd.

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The winner will be announced at the PinkNews Awards on October 16.

Gay cure therapy uncovered, ITV News.

This broadcast by ITV News exposed gay conversion therapy taking place in UK churches, with one pastor comparing society’s acceptance of LGBT+ people to Nazi propaganda.

ITV News political correspondent Paul Brand spent six months investigating gay conversion therapy in UK churches, highlighting the need for a conversion therapy ban in the UK.

The Making of Me, Channel 4.

Julie and Jackie on The Making of Me
The Making of Me showed Jackie and her journey through transitioning with wife Julie (Channel 4)

The Channel 4 documentary The Making of Me, followed nine trans people throughout their transitions.

The three-part broadcast also showed the reactions of the participants’ friends and families, and it was praised for its important work in terms of teaching viewers about transgender people and the process of transitioning.

‘Sex Education: The LGBT debate in schools’, Panorama, BBC.

Sara Khan was appointed by the home secretary to lead the Commission for Countering Extremism. (BBC)

This episode of Panorama from the BBC focused in the division in Birmingham communities over LGBT-inclusive education in primary schools.

BBC Midlands correspondent Sima Kotecha met with parents and campaigners from Islamic and other faith communities to discuss their opposition to their children being taught about LGBT+ relationships and families.

Sara Khan, leader of the Commission for Countering Extremism, told Panorama that the government had been “too slow to respond” to “mob” protests over LGBT teaching.

‘The LGBT Education debate’, Victoria Derbyshire, BBC.

Christian parent Nigel Rowe opposes LGBT-inclusive education in schools (BBC)
Christian parent Nigel Rowe opposes LGBT-inclusive education in schools. (BBC)

The Victoria Derbyshire show hosted a live debate in September, after the news that the Birmingham protests against LGBT-inclusive education were to resume at the start of the new school year.

A headteacher read an LGBT-inclusive children’s book aloud in a mock lesson with the group, which included LGBT+ people, authors, advocates and an anti-LGBT+ parent.

When Christian dad Nigel Rowe told the show that that being LGBT+ “isn’t normal,” other guests were quick to explain how inclusive education can save lives.

How to be a girl, The Heard.

(How to be a Girl)

How to be a girl is a podcast created by a single mother and her young trans daughter “M” in Seattle, about the challenges they face together.

“M” was six when they started and is now eleven, and the pair hope to help others by sharing their story.

Born Different, Barcroft Media.

Born Different, produced by YouTube channel Barcroft TV, has been breaking down stereotypes for years.

Its coverage of intersex teenager Jyoti Gambill-Read was an eye-opening account of her complex surgery to allow her to have a “conventional” sex life.

First Dates, Channel 4.

First Dates new gay waiter Will
Will is the first gay waiter to work in the First Dates restaurant. (First Dates)

First Dates, the dating show where couples are paired by Channel 4 and their first date is filmed in a dedicated restaurant, has featured many LGBT+ couples over its 12 series.

This year’s series featured one of the most awkward same-sex dates, in which one woman had been out with her date’s niece, however it was revealed that the couple in fact stayed together.

While the show has had many LGBT+ diners, it also revealed its first gay waiter this year.

The Bi Life, E!.

(The Bi Life)

Ten-part dating show The Bi Life, hosted by RuPaul’s Drag Race star Courtney Act, followed a group of bisexual or questioning British singletons on an adventure to find love in Spain.

On the show, the cast lived together, partied together and helped each other navigate the rocky road of dating.

Naked Attraction, Channel 4.

Naked Attraction. (All 4)

Channel 4’s dating show Naked Attraction, in which contestants see each other in the nude before deciding who to go out with, has been praised for its inclusion of LGBT+ people.

The show this year has featured same-sex couples, as well as contestants who are trans, bisexual and HIV-positive.

‘Sex education: The clash of LGBT and religious rights’, Newsnight, BBC.

Wes Streeting on Newsnight BBC LGBT protests no outsiders
Wes Streeting on Newsnight. (BBC)

This broadcast from the BBC’s Newsnight examined the Birmingham protests against LGBT-inclusive education.

It focused on the fact that LGBT+ and religious rights are both protected by law, and asked the question: “Whose rights are more important?”

The show spoke to openly gay Labour MP Wes Streeting who said that conservative parents protesting inclusive relationships and sex education (RSE) in primary schools “should know better.”

The winner will be announced at the seventh annual PinkNews Awards in London on October 16 2019.

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