Pose star Indya Moore: Trans women’s penises are biologically female

Pose actress Indya Moore has gone viral after tweeting that transgender women’s penises are “biologically female.”

The trans star wrote on February 17 that “if a woman has a penis, her penis is a biologically female penis.”

She added: “A biologically female penis is a non-artificial penis (eg: dildo, vibrator,) that is part of a biological (human) woman’s body,” before explaining the difference between genitalia and gender identity.

“Reproductive parts and chromosomes define the biology of your gender, not your gender,” she said.

“Regardless [of] the biological makeup of the trans woman—she remains a woman with her biology, therefore defining her as a biological woman.”

Moore, who came out as poly last year, backed up her point by posting an explanation by Grace Pokela, a biology teacher from New York whose explanation of gender went viral in 2017.

“The definition of biological literally has nothing to do with gender.”

— Indya Moore

Pokela wrote at the end of her post: “Don’t use science to justify your bigotry. The world is way too weird for that s**t.”

And the trans actress, who plays Angel Evangelista on Pose, used Pokela’s message to tell her followers: “The definition of biological literally has nothing to do with gender. It just defines who we’re related to.”

Moore added that “gender/sex cannot be biologically defined in absolutes because gender is biologically spectral.”

Indya Moore destroys anti-trans haters

During her pro-trans crusade, Moore also took the time to lash out at haters who tried to argue with her.

The star compared those who look down on gender non-conforming people to racists.

She tweeted: “cis people characterising gender variant traits as abnormal is synonymous to white people saying melanin is abnormal or melanated people saying that the absence of melanin is abnormal.

“Your effort to delegitimise the biology of trans people is inherently narcissistic.”

“Dear cis people, I hope you one day evolve beyond penises and vaginas.”

— Indya Moore

Moore also said that cisgender people “stole and appropriated the word biological.”

She even tweeted a direct message to cis readers, writing: “Dear cis people, I hope you one day evolve beyond penises and vaginas.

“But ya can’t even get passed being a**holes… so idk (I don’t know). #prayforcis.”

The actress explained to fans that she spoke out about trans issues “to affirm highly stigmatised truth for vulnerable people.”

Indya Moore is supported by science

The idea that trans people are born that way has been backed up by scientific research.

Last year, researchers at the University of São Paulo’s Medical School published a study after comparing the brains of trans and cisgender adults and discovering they were significantly different.

In the study, it was found that the insula—a region of the brain—had a distinct volume depending on whether it was in the brain of a trans or cis subject.

Indya Moore attends the 24th annual Critics' Choice Awards at Barker Hangar on January 13, 2019 in Santa Monica, California.
Indya Moore lashed out at intolerant cisgender people during her tweet stream (Emma McIntyre/Getty)

The insula plays an important role in people’s body image, self-awareness and empathy.

Giancarlo Spizzirri, first author of the study—which was published in Scientific Reports—said that the result led them to believe that people are trans in the womb.

“We found that trans people have characteristics that bring them closer to the gender with which they identify and their brains have particularities, suggesting that the differences begin to occur during gestation,” he said in a statement.

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