These same-sex parents were told ‘being gay is a sin’ on TV show ‘Wife Swap’

Terrell and Jarius Joseph and their kids Aria and Ashton Terrell and Jarius Joseph’s Instagram

Atlanta-based Instagram influencers Terrell and Jarius Joseph and their two children, Aria and Ashton, recently appeared on the Paramount Network’s reality TV series Wife Swap. The Josephs were the first-ever black same-sex couple to appear on the show in which two couples briefly switch partners to see what they learn.

Terrell switched places with Nina, a mom in a religious family with eight kids. Terrell went to live with her husband, Matt, and Nina went to live with Jarius and his two kids who were birthed via surrogate.

While at the Josephs’ house, Nina assumed the same-sex family wasn’t religious, but the couple actually is.

Jarius felt like Nina simply assumed his family wouldn’t be religious because he’s gay. After Nina leads a terse impromptu devotional about “judge lest not ye be judged,” Jarius point-blank asks Nina, “Do you feel like being gay is a sin?”

Nina responds, “I feel like the Bible does tell us that being gay is a sin.”

Jarius then tells her that while the Bible and various Christians say others shouldn’t judge, many Christian churches actively discriminate against gay people. In fact, Jarius once considered leaving a church where he didn’t feel welcome.

Here’s the moment in which Nina and Jarius discuss whether being gay is a sin:

Nina eventually says, “How is it okay for me to tell someone you’re not worthy of my love because you love a person of the same sex? That doesn’t seem fair to me.”

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The same-sex couple later told the website Gays with Kids, “It was tough to face some of the hot-button issues; especially sexual orientation. However, it was a conversation that was needed so we can show the world how it affects us as a community. We understand that growth is sometimes uncomfortable but it is necessary nonetheless.”

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