Cancer survival rates lower for lesbians, trans women

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LONDON — Lesbians and trans women in the U.S. are more likely to have lower cancer survival rates according to a new study reported on by the Independent, a U.K. newspaper.

The study, published in the journal Cancer, found women who are sexual minorities are more likely not to have health insurance, not have a personal doctor, avoid medical care due to costs and be without an annual medical visit, the Independent reports.

In contrast, men of all sexual orientations had similar access to care in respect to insurance status, having a personal doctor, and annual visits. 

LGBT women’s shortfalls in access to care meant they were more likely to experience poor physical quality of life, poor mental quality of life and more difficulty concentrating than straight women, the Independent reports. 

In men, deficits in access to care were linked with a higher likelihood of difficulty concentrating among LGBT men than straight men. On top of this, sexual minority status increased the likelihood of poor mental quality of life in men, the article notes. 

Dr. Ulrike Boehmer, one of the report’s authors, said, “Our study shows that sexual minority women suffer from poor access to care and that this is linked to worse quality of life.”

Published at Fri, 24 May 2019 10:58:37 +0000