Postponing intervention urged for intersex children

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WALTHAM, Mass. — The Massachusetts Medical Society and its 25,000-member physicians and students last week adopted organizational policy supporting the notion that intersex children not be operated on until the child is able to participate in decision making, the group announced in a press release.

The resolution-turned-policy was sponsored by the medical society’s doctor-comprised Committees on Maternal and Perinatal Welfare and the Committee on LBGTQ Matters.

The new policy states, “The Massachusetts Medical Society supports optimal management of differences in sex development/intersex through individualized, multidisciplinary care that seeks to foster the well-being of the child and of the adult the child will become; respects the rights of the patient to participate in decisions and, except when life threatening circumstances require emergency intervention, defers medical or surgical intervention until the child is able to participate in decision making; and provides psychosocial support to promote patient and family well-being.”

Published at Fri, 20 Dec 2019 17:24:23 +0000