Boulet Brothers crown drag king winner of ‘Dragula’ season 3

Landon Cider in the trailer for “Dragula” season 3 (Image courtesy The Boulet Brothers)

Landon Cider, the first drag king to ever compete in a televised drag competition series in the United States, last week set another precedent by winning the season of the show he was cast in.

Cider made history in August when the Boulet Brothers cast him in the third
season of their competition reality series “Dragula.” At the time, he told The
Advocate, “I am a proud cis woman, lesbian and drag king. AFAB [assigned female
at birth] drag performers share the same length of history with queens, fill
our communities with incredible artistry, and I am honored to be just one in an
infinite sea of talent.”

He also acknowledged Hollow Eve, another contestant, saying, “Hollow and I
are shattering glass ceilings. So grab a shard, AFABs, cause we’re all coming
for blood!”

Eve was also assigned female at birth but describes themselves as a “post
binary drag socialist.”

The Boulet Brothers (Image courtesy The Boulet Brothers)

Boulet Brothers “Dragula” was developed by the popular drag club promoters from
their long-running club event of the same name. The showoperates
as a reality competition series similar to “RuPaul’s Drag Race, but with a
unique twist: the contestants compete to be crowned “the world’s next drag
super monster,” taking part in horror-themed challenges to prove to the
judges that they are the most evil, grotesque and talented queen of the season.

the final challenge, the three remaining competitors (Cider, Dollya Black and
Priscilla Chambers) were told to create and perform in three looks for a
self-designed floor show that adhered to the three “principles”
of “Dragula” – filth, horror and glamour.

Black and Chambers impressed the judges with their respective looks, but Cider dazzled
with his three looks. For “glamour,” Cider appeared in a Met Gala-inspired
suit, bedecked from head to toe in shimmering black jewels; for
“filth,” Cider appeared shirtless in torn-up boxers, eating what
looked like moldy food and making out with a sex doll; and for
“horror,” Cider appeared as a nightmare version of  the Tin Man from “Wizard of Oz,” mutilating a
dead body with his axe and eating the corpse’s remains. 

the end of the challenge, the Boulet Brothers announced Cider as the winner, and
asked him to spread their message of “drag, filth, horror and
glamour.” As Cider walked the stage, a bucket of blood was dumped on his
head, referencing the iconic scene from “Carrie” as he laughed maniacally into
the camera.

10 episodes of “Dragula”season 3 are now available on Amazon
Prime Video.

Published at Thu, 07 Nov 2019 02:29:19 +0000