Out bi singer-songwriter mxmtoon shares new song, ‘quiet motions’

mxmtoon (Photo credit: April Blum)

Fresh on the heels of her latest single, “fever dream,” singer songriter mxmtoon has released another new track.

The 19-year-old musician, who is also known as Maia, shared the new song, “quiet motions,” earlier this week, dropping a video on YouTube with an introductory caption.

“I am writing this description on Wednesday morning, and this song comes out tomorrow, she wrote. “I literally just filmed this video and I wish I was kidding about snoozing my alarm for the sake of this video but then also going back to sleep accidentally for another 40 minutes oooooops… anyways! Here is me going about my morning routine and taking clips of the “quiet motions” (get it, I am so clever wow). I hope you enjoy!”

Maia, who recently announced mxmtoon’s dawn & dusk tour, is currently working on two back-to-back Eps, which are due later this year. She made her debut with the 2019 EP “plum blossom,” recorded in her parents’ bedroom, which racked up over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. She followed it up with 2019’s “the masquerade,” accompanying it with an original podcast and a graphic novel.

She has amassing millions of followers and subscribers across YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, where she makes a point of using her ever-growing platform to speak out on issues close to her heart. “As a young bisexual woman of color from a family of immigrants, a lot of current events directly affect who I am,” says the Chinese-American artist. “I firmly believe it’s my obligation and opportunity to speak on issues that affect us all.”

On this “shimmering” new song, according to the press materials, Maia “embraces the underrated beauty of solitude.”

She says of the track, “One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned in my short time so far on this earth is that finding comfort in your own company is a wonderful thing. As an introvert, it’s always been a practice of mine to recluse and hangout by myself as a way to recharge my energy, and I think finding those quiet moments throughout my weeks has kept me sane throughout life. The ‘quiet motions’ of pouring yourself a cup of tea, turning on the TV, or lighting a candle, can all be pieces of a puzzle that help you to maintain calmness throughout the chaos of the world. quiet motions is about just that, the comfort in the alone moments. It’s not a bad thing to recluse, and being content solo can be extremely fulfilling and healthy in the long run.”

You can watch her homemade video below.

Published at Sat, 14 Mar 2020 03:21:34 +0000