Watch: Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s parents support their son on ‘American Idol’

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon performing Queen’s ‘Who Wants to Live Forever’ on ‘American Idol.’ (Screenshot via YouTube)

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon had special guests sitting in the audience during his performance on “American Idol” on Sunday.

Harmon, who hails from Catonsville, Md., is the son of a pastor. He has been open that his parents have struggled to accept he is gay.

He performed “Who Wants to Live Forever” for the show’s Queen-themed night. Harmon’s parents showed their support for him by coming to the show.

Harmon’s performance was a hit with the judges.

“You really embodied the spirit of Freddie Mercury with that performance,” Katy Perry praised him.

Luke Bryan added: “It was such an emotional ride and you have a real knack for that. It was a complete journey that built and built and built, and then you just took it to the next level. I loved every second of it.”

Lionel Ritchie was also impressed saying,”You take the band to the next level. That means you’re really doing something powerful. Your voice is something to be reckoned with.”

However, the most meaningful critique came from Harmon’s father who called his son’s performance “powerful.

“It’s another great performance. I’m not very objective, but I think he’s the best one here,” Harmon’s father says.

Harmon’s performance earned him a spot in the top six.

Watch below.

Published at Mon, 29 Apr 2019 19:29:43 +0000