After someone asked this gay man to ‘tone it down’, his dad stepped in with the best response
Gay Son Defended

Sohail Akhavein a hairy, tatted-up, 31-year-old who loves posting thirsty pictures of himself to Instagram:

He recently attended a community luncheon in his hometown of Minneapolis.

Before the luncheon, a person who Akhavein describes as a “casual nemesis” asked him to please “Tone it down so the focus can be on the community and not your body.”

The request came after Akhavein suffered a “semi-subtle” nip slip in low-buttoned blouse stolen from his mom’s closet to a previous community gathering.

“Ever since I attended a community progressive dinner party and served an array of Lunchables on a silver platter and Capri Suns I filled with white wine,” he tells Gay Star News.

When Akhavein told his dad about what the nemesis said, his pops responded: “Buy yourself the loudest suit your big gay heart desires” and gave him a wad of cash.

Akhavein took to Twitter to explain what happened next:

He followed that up with another tweet, saying he had located something in his closet to wear (his mom’s old blue leopard suit) and that he would instead be donating the cash his father gave him to a local LGBTQ charity:

Akhavein tells Gay Star News that the luncheon went “swimmingly”, adding, “There was a neighbor who told me she wished I would have informed her of my suiting option before the meeting before because she would have worn the same suit jacket.”

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