LGBT school lessons

"No more young people will be let down when it comes to learning about sex and relationships.”

MPs have finally voted to include same sex education by a massive majority, 583 backed it with just 21 voting against.

Mo Wiltshire, Director of Education and Youth at Stonewall, said in a statement: “These new subjects have the potential to deliver real change in how LGBT families, people and relationships are taught about.
This will help foster greater inclusion, acceptance and understanding in our classrooms, playgrounds and school corridors. All students, whether they are LGBT or not, should have the time and space to learn about the diversity that exists and makes our world beautiful.”

This vote was taken whilst the issue is currently in the headlines with Birmingham Parkfield Community School having to withdraw lessons.-birmingham-school-over-planned-anti-homophobi

Parent groups protested along with over 600 pupils being removed from classes and caused the School to back down and remove the lessons.

Hopefully this will pave the way for better understanding and a reduction in school bullying but may meet with some parent group resistance.

What do you think ?
Should parents have the right to dictate classroom lessons or should they accept them ?

MPs Vote on LGBTQ inclusive