Prosecutors drop sexual assault charge against Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey, gay news, Washington Blade
Actor Kevin Spacey. (Photo by Vonora; courtesy Bigstock)

Prosecutors announced on Wednesday that the charge against Kevin Spacey accusing the actor of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old boy in a Nantucket, Mass. bar has been dropped.

In court documents, Cape and Island District Attorney Michael O’Keefe said the charge was dropped “due to an unavailability of the complaining witness.”

News anchor Heather Unruh accused Spacey of getting her son, William Little, drunk at the Club Car, a bar in Nantucket, Mass., and groping him in July 2016 when Little was 18 years old.

Spacey was charged with indecent assault and battery for the alleged incident and pled not guilty.

During a pre-trial hearing on July 8, Little, now 21, refused to testify about his missing cell phone. Spacey’s defense lawyer Alan Jackson questioned Little on whether he deleted text messages from his phone before giving his phone to authorities. Little had claimed that he was texting his girlfriend while Spacey was groping him. Unruh admitted that she had deleted select text messages from her son’s phone that reflected his “frat boy activities.”

Little pled the Fifth Amendment when questioned about the text messages.

This was the only sexual assault accusation against Spacey to make it to a criminal case.

Investigations are still underway on other sexual assault accusations in Los Angeles and London.

Published at Wed, 17 Jul 2019 21:37:36 +0000