Exploring local LGBTQ communities in the Algarve is a great way of accessing new destinations

Most of us are familiar with the holiday destinations in Europe that are famous for appealing to LGBTQ travellers.

However, GAY TIMES has teamed up with James Villas for a new video series exploring local communities in locations where LGBTQ visibility isn’t always apparent upon arrival.

Tapping into these communities offers an interesting and unique way of accessing new destinations and experiences across Europe.

Here we start in the Algarve in Portugal, stopping by the Laundry Lounge in Sagres to speak to the owner of this inclusive social space.

The owner, Julie, has created an environment where everyone is welcome – from both the local community and travellers passing through – placing laundry machine at the centre of the concept.

Elsewhere, we meet local LGBTQ advocate Warlen who tells us more about what life is like for local queer people in the region.

“It’s very easy to make friends here,” he explains. “People are more open because this is a tourist destination.”

He takes us to a local hangout on the costal cliffs of Portimão where he and his LGBTQ go to unwind, socialise and have a few drinks before heading out to the local queer nightlife venues.

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Published at Fri, 26 Jul 2019 09:55:16 +0000