Maslin Beach popular gay and nudist !

Maslins Nudist gay beach Adelaide Australia
Maslin Nudist Beach Adelaide

Maslin nudist gay Beach was the first official nudist beach in Australia. As a result, it's a popular beach for anyone who wants that "all over tan". The gay area is on the right- hand side when you are facing the ocean. Such is its fame its generally busy at weekends and holidays but always has people on the beach if the sun is shining.

Maslin Nudist Beach Adelaide
Maslin Nudist Gay Beach

The nudist area is on the southern end of the beach and easily found as it has a sign post. The gay area is towards the end of the beach. As ever it does attract a cruising crowd in the evenings above the beach on the coastal path. Its worth noting there have been reports of muggings etc, so if cruising is your thing be on your guard.

Maslins Nudist Beach Adelaide
Maslin Nudist Gay Beach

It's a beautiful beach and being in South Australia the sun is out most days. It's worth bearing in mind there are no lifeguards on the beach ( more the pity as I guess they would have to be nude too !) but its a safe enough swimming beach. The beach next to it is infamous as the spot Rodney Fox got mauled by a Great White Shark, so don't eat your tuna sarnie while going for a paddle!

Getting to the beach

Getting to the beach by public transport can be a bit of a journey. Catch a train from Adelaide to Seaford, then a bus to nearby Aldinga. Some buses stop on the way at Maslin otherwise its a 4 km walk along the clifftop path from Aldinga Beach. Total journey is around one and a half hours.

Maslins Nudist Beach Adelaide
Always worth catching the sunset

As ever being a nudist beach it attracts all types but weekends and holidays it can get quite busy. When we stopped off there was quite a crowd and mix of locals and tourists.

And you may be in for a surprise if you happen to time your visit during "Maslin beach Nude Games" , yeah I'm not joking!. It's a popular event so if your feeling energetic check out the link above for the next event on 12th January 2020.

It would be a crime not to mix your beach visit up with one of the amazing vineyards nearby. The surrounding area is world- famous for its amazing wine in Mclaren Vale.

We stopped off at a fantastic little vineyard called Samuel's Gorge, beaut spot overlooking a gorge with lush reds and not too far from the beach.

Samuel's Gorge Vine yard
Samuel's Gorge Vine Yard

The girls were busy at the time crushing the grapes the old fashioned way by foot!. But there are hundreds of vineyards nearby, so if you like your wine then its worth spending a few days around here.

I so wanted to dive in !

It's a beautiful area and a great stop on the way to Kangaroo Island or just for a day trip out of Adelaide. We hope you enjoy as much as we did at