Stay or Away: Magnificent mountain views in Abergele and Andalucía

If you don’t have a stunning scenery shot on your Instagram, did you even go away on holiday?

We jest, but if you are looking for incredible landscapes to test your photography skills on, we present some seriously majestic mountains both here in the UK, and in a more warmer European destination.


Tucked away on the Welsh coast, Abergele is a destination with its charm intact. At the heart of Conwy County, the seaside market town lures visitors with the region’s medieval allure, promising castles, fortresses and even the occasional ghost tale – all keeping the magic alive. As any true Welsh dragon will tell you, it is a country worth fighting for.

From heritage visits to scenic walks through a territory sat on top of two thousand years of battles, this unlikely holiday destination ticks many boxes. What the area lacks in sunshine, it sure makes up for in the history department.

Begin your immersion into Welsh culture by taking a trip to the nearby Castle Conwy to live like a king, even if only for a day. If dark-stoned Conwy ignites an appetite for heritage sites, the historic Caernarfon Castle is just a drive away. Being Edward II’s birthplace, England’s only rumoured gay king, the fortress is abuzz with secrets waiting to be decoded.

A hidden gem on the North Wales coast, Cottages’ Hen Wrych Hall Tower is infused with the mysterious atmosphere of the region, making it the perfect base from which to unearth North Wales’ secrets. The almost intact Victorian design, topped with a four-poster bed and an open working fireplace is truly fit for a king. The hand-carved mahogany staircase houses the sound of the past as the wood burning stove calls you home in an atmosphere so cozy that it’s almost easy to forget that you’re sat in a castellated gate tower.

Embrace the Welsh coast and let the lush countryside and its many walls of secrets entertain your fantasy. Should you want to marry nature, an intrigue-filled history and the royal allure of Victorian times, in Wales, it’s all on your doorstep.

Hen Wrych Hall Tower is available for 7 nights from £691. Visit to book your stay.


Andalucía. A region that comes with many associations. From Costa del Sol’s famed golden beaches to the high-life of Marbella and Puerto Banus, this destination is as hot as the Latin blood that runs through the veins of its inhabitants. The birthplace of bullfighting and flamenco, the coast’s fiery passion has now transferred to 3 of Spain’s most thriving LGBTQ communities with Malaga, Seville and Grenada in the lead.

With echoes of its Moorish past, Andalucía sits at the crossroads between history and progress. The bygone romances of forgotten times are deeply cemented in the architecture of its fortresses, with Alhambra Palace casting a mysterious shadow upon Granada. The region’s cobbled streets and hidden squares co-exist with a think pink attitude, a defiant spirit the local LGBTQ community has been showcasing ever since Toni’s Bar opened its doors back in 1962 against any restrictions set by the Francoist regime.

One hour’s drive away from LGBTQ safe haven Torremolinos, Frigiliana stuns as a yet-unexplored oasis. Venture beyond the beaten track and swap worries for wine. Couples looking to holiday like a royal will find that regal comfort in James Villas’ Villa Cipreses’ subtle elegance.

The epitome of rustic decadence, its remote yet easily accessible location deem the villa the perfect hideaway – or, simply, a momentary remedy from the high-life partying that might have lured you to Malaga in the first place.

Bask in blissful Mediterranean rays from your own private hot tub, tucked away between the walls of your own Iberian paradise. The resort of Nerja and its abundance of terraced houses, bars and the infectious sound of Spanish guitars are nothing short of Madonna’s La Isla Bonita.

Whether you want to indulge in Andalucía’s vibrant LGBTQ community or would prefer to spend some quality time with your partner sipping on vino in the endless Spanish summer, trust us, Villa Cipreses is not one to miss.

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Published at Thu, 11 Apr 2019 11:19:27 +0000