This hotel is taking over our Instagram feeds in the best way

Pack your bags and book a room, it’s Bingham Riverhouse time.

As people with a lot of clothes (some may say too many, we don’t care for negativity), we’re always looking for new places to visit. Why? Because then we get to wear said clothes at said new places and live our best lives, simple.

That’s why when the Bingham Riverhouse (a delicious, newly renovated house right on the river in Richmond) started popping up on the Insta feeds of our fave instagrammers, we took note immediately.

See who’s been, what to wear and our favourite spots in the house…

Stepping in to the unassuming front entrance off the main road you’re immediately transported in to something much, much more chic – deep jewel tones enshroud the entrance and open up on the two winning rooms of the property, the dining room/parlour and the bar.

We’d recommend a long lazy lunch in summer, when the sun is out and you can watch it dance across the river as you let the afternoon slip away whilst indulging in faves from the menu such as chicken terrine (with a rose spritz cocktail on the side of course).

Then for the evening, where the sun goes down and the lights warm up and the house changes to a glamorous setting where you literally will want to eat every meal for the rest of your life (ideally wearing some sort of louche opera cape, but we’ve listed more conventional options below).

As far as rooms go, the riverside view is something we only wish we could wake up to everyday, or better yet, run a bath in-front of (see the incredible copper bath in front of the sash window below), so you’ll probably feel pretty torn between staying in your room and slowly pruning for your entire stay or draping yourself across the bar and enjoying the entirety of the menu.

See below our choice on what’s new and perfect for your trip and our favourite instagrammers that have visited the incredible house and are serving you that perfect inspiration for those shots for the gram.


Published at Fri, 12 Apr 2019 11:15:00 +0000